Brent Pope is a Filipino-American actor, writer, & comedian. He is best known for his roles on Speechless (ABC), The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS), Better Things (FX), Roseanne (ABC), and This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy (Amazon). He has also appeared in major motion pictures and national commercials.

Brent created, wrote, and starred in two popular comedic web-series, Common Beauties and Table for Two. He is currently developing the foodie/Hollywood podcast, 'Brentfast with Brent Pope', and the animated show, 'Beef Meat: The Musical, The Totally Bitchin' Adventures of an Immortal Rock God'.

Brent has performed standup, sketch and improv comedy all over the United States. He has also lent his talents to prestigious festivals across the country, such as the San Francisco Sketchfest and the New York Television Festival. Brent trained at both The Groundlings and Upright Citizen's Brigade theater.


FUN FACT: Brent was at one time the #2 Liar’s Dice player in the world on XBOX, playing under his gamertag of Hulagin Felix.


Brent lives with his wife and a menagerie of cats and dogs.

instagram - @scoopspope

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